Aloe Kitty

How Aloe Kitty was born:

"I have grown aloe for years for putting on burns and skin irritations. When it became difficult for most people to procure hand sanitizer I was walking in my garden one day and the solution was right in front of me. I decided to make aloe-based hand sanitizer and hand wash that would be as close to washing your hands as possible without running water. The proper draining of the aloe to remove aloin residue and combining of ingredients is important. Otherwise the alcohol content may be diluted down below sanitizing efficacy. This could give the person a false sense of how sanitized their hands actually are.  

I love working outdoors nurturing the aloe plants and watching them mature. Witnessing the offshoots as they appear beside their parent is exciting and soothing to the soul. Harvesting the mature leaves and turning them into a product that can help people stay safe is very rewarding. This nurturing of the aloe and desire to help people stay safe can be summed up in my motto: "Spread Only Love".