Wildman Foods

Wild Man Foods began with a vision to raise awareness about the health benefits of the Paleo Diet while increasing access to locally produced wild and grassfed food.  We prefer to focus on the modern concept of a Paleo lifestyle that not only includes healthy food choices but also incorporates a conscious effort to improve our social, economic and environmental wellbeing. We reject the ‘one-diet fits all’ approach to eating and believe that each person has the ability to determine their own unique dietary needs, and we steer clear of  Paleo Diet approaches that promote a goal to achieve a particular body type. For us, the Paleo Lifestyle is an effort to reclaim control of our food system and improve the overall quality of health by seeking out nutrient-dense ancestral foods that our bodies were originally designed to eat. We always welcome comments, feedback, and suggestions. Feel free to send us an email at wildman (@) wildmanfoods.org